Description: A modern, smooth, clean, abstract warm and catchy logo, perfect for your company logo, as an ident or opener.

Description: Short Opening sound for any of your projects. Great for animated logos and idents.

Description: Happy acoustic instrumental version of the song Happy Birthday to you. It is the most popular song in the world! Perfect for commercials, happy baby music box for YouTube videos and advertising projects. Bright, relaxing children track. Happy and pretty. Loving!

Description: Classic dark dramatic tension. Edge of your seat, creepy, ghostly atmosphere, where the tension is too much to bear. All with the feeling that something or someone could jump out at any moment. Features slow discordant piano and light sound design with scraped cymbals. Great for film and tv. Main mix, 60sec, 30sec and sting versions

Description: A quick, playful, light-hearted piano piece.

Description: A quick, light-hearted, playful piano piece for 30 second ads or PSAs.

Description: Universal sound for the opening, the beginning or the appearance of something new. Use for a logo, jingle or intro.

Description: Soft, tender, sensitive, this composition may be suitable for advertising.

Description: Calm elegant intro ident music for home goods advertising, brand and service logo.

Description: Epic and Dramatic background music. Gradually,Bass and Drums comes in to build up. Drums plays powerful groove with strings,They creates epic,dramatic feel. This track should work best to add depth and dramatic background to your project.

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