Description: A fun and quirky acoustic guitar plays a riff over an upright bass and light percussion.

Description: A fun and quirky acoustic guitar plays a riff.

Description: Solo piano track that would work well in a scene where the main character is thinking about the future or flashing back to a happier time.

Description: The song is an instrumental, reggae dub tune. It has a modern and tropical vibe, and is great for many purposes. This version is a 90 second edit.

Description: A fun and quirky upright bass play over light percussion.

Description: A mysterious and tense pad plays as the suspenseful percussion creates uneasiness.

Description: Piano and synthesizer in a big dark intro. Powerful show intro.

Description: Driving, Energetic, Upbeat, Good Transitions and hits throughout. Cool intro and Strong ending.

Description: music for news or business theme.

Description: Uplifting, happy piece with acoustic guitar and bells. Great for simple, melodic, joyful background music!