Description: Quirky promotional cue that builds in the middle.

Description: A tense filled tracks with ambient pads, distant loops and a piano melody soaked in reverb

Description: lovely pretty 60s track, optomistic and fun, suitable for presentations, tv, drama, websites and small film.

Description: A suspicious and mysterious pad creates a feeling of an uneasy situation.

Description: Spooky and Tense - this track was written for a short drama but we used a different track for a particular scene. It depicts longing but with some real dark twists.

Description: Contemporary piano and percussion version of one of the most famous classical pieces. This contemporary version is both whimsical and exciting and will suit Commercial, Advertising or work as a slapstick underscore for Cartoon, Children's TV, Comedic chase scenes, even Corporate Presentations.

Description: Wonderful ambient backing track, modern synthesis with grand progression, first class production. Please check out my other ambient tracks for alternate versions and other ambient/soundscape pieces.

Description: Wonderful African music with creative percussion and intricate effects. Great world music for documentaries, wide scope of world influences, high end production with real instruments. Several mixes available.

Description: A suspense filled pad creates a feel of mystery and questions.

Description: Soundtrack for nature, mountains, lakes, landscapes etc. Sad dramatic Soaring violin with string orchestra. music for documentary film, or Drama. bleeding heart of nature, crying soul of mother nature. Tragic, nature, crying, heart, World, Sorrow, Depressed, Helpless, sad, violin, painful, landscape, pollution, funeral, sadness, sorrow, song, mourning, national, geographic, documentary, bleeding, Melancholy, Mournful, Hopeless, tragic, drama, scene, pain, grieve, Regretful, Painful, sentimental, dramatic, winter, lonely, historical, history, north, northpole, hell