Description: Played for harpsichord, the atmosphere of the '700, the harpsichord. The age of the harpsichord covers a span of about three centuries (from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century),

Description: Bourrée famous of Johann Sebastian Bach played on the harpsichord

Description: Instrumental music made for piano and cello. The music is soft and mellow, and the mood is very emotional and sentimental. The style is very near to classical and soundtrack and describes romantic and sentimental scenes.

Description: Classical cathedral music written under the influence of Eastern philosophy works. The following track is a Western tradition of classical organ music with. Listening such kind of music can produce a subtle trance-like state in certain individual

Description: Gentle peaceful romantic light classical solo piano waltz.Ideal period music underscore.

Description: Gentle enchanting peaceful light classical solo piano piece.Ideal period music cues,nature,ballroom.

Description: Vintage sounding classical waltz on old honky tonk piano.Ideal silent film,old classical cues.

Description: A classical guitar arrangement of J.S. Bach's Prelude for Cello

Description: An classical guitar arrangement of a famous Bach piece.

Description: Menuetto. Trio constitutes the second movement of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Piano Sonata No. 11 in A major, K. 331 (300i), most likely composed in Vienna or Salzburg around 1783. The second movement of the sonata is a standard minuet and trio movement in A major. The minuet is 40 measures long, and the trio is 52.