Description: От рассудительности к созерцанию. From prudence to contemplation.

Description: На душе легко.Тёплый ветер кружит разноцветные листья. It's easy on the soul. Warm wind circulates colorful leaves.

Description: Плачет под окошком стройная берёзка. Ветерок играясь Растрепал причёску. А она старалась, заплетала в косы Золотые листья, Чтобы встретить осень. -Ты не плачь, родная,- солнышко сказало. И янтарным светом В листьях заиграло. -На балу осеннем, средь подруг ветвистых Краше всех ты будешь В платье золотистом. A slender birch tree is crying under the window. Breeze playing He uncombed his hair. And she tried, braided in braids Golden leaves, To meet the autumn. "Do not cry, dear," the sun said. And amber light The leaves began to play. -On the autumn ball, among the friends of branched The most beautiful you will be The dress is golden.

Description: Happy bouncy uplifting classical waltz featuring harp ,flute and vibes with a little string.Ideal period music underscore,ballet.

Description: Atmospheric,Beautiful,Carefree,Careful,Delicate,Dreamy,Elegant,Emotional,Good,Heartening,Heartwarming,Honest,Inspiring,Loving,Peaceful,Pleased,Sincere,Soft,Touching

Description: Emotional, uplifting, spiritual and inspirational track featuring piano and strings.

Description: Etude by famous Italian guitarist and composer Matteo Carcassi 1792–1853 played on acoustic classical guitar.

Description: Played from pianoforte by famous' opera "Carmen" Scene drama, or playful at the same time

Description: He played Tango for piano