Description: The very popular air (french and italian for "aria") from Bach's Orchestral Suite no. 3 in D major, also known by the name "Air on the G string", virtually recreated for your convenience. This immensely beautiful and touching piece is perfect for emotional scenes, wedding videos or even trailers, advertisment, promos and kickstarter videos to give them a soaring, peaceful feel.

Description: Baroque chamber music with harpsichord.

Description: orchestral baroque imitative counterpoint, strings, violin, flute, brass, piano.

Description: Quirky orchestral piece with King/Queen ballroom feel. Grand, epic and stately atmposphere.

Description: Pompous, elegant and uplifting track, fitting to any celebratory or festive scene in a 17th-19th century enviroment. Baroque and galante style influences, with string orchestra and violin soloist in the manner of a violin concerto.

Description: royal feel, lots of horns.

Description: Nervous and delicate strings written in a traditional classical style similar to Mozart or Haydn. Simple and eloquent.

Description: Allegretto from Serenade for Strings e-moll Op. 20 by Edward Elgar was written in 1892. The third movement begins in 12/8 time, changing to 6/8 on the reappearance of the theme of the first movement.

Description: Barouque chamber orchestra at the kings banquet.

Description: Classical, Classical-Baroque (1650 1750), Reflective, Expressive, Introspective, in a Emotional mood, featuring Piano, Grand, Solo-Instrument, with a Mid tempo

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