Description: A crisp pacing beat with dramatic atmosphere and determined melodies.

Description: An uptempo island song made for fun in the sun. Perfect background music for a commercial or voice over project.

Description: This instrumental track created in the Irish style. The track used live traditional European instruments. The track has two pace.

Description: this is a positive magical instrumental music. The track is written in the style of instrumental fantasy.It tracks using traditional European instruments.

Description: Jolly, sing-a-long, foot-tapping, uplifting and friendly, cliche Italian cafe music. Really warm, inviting and cooked to perfection. Perfect for Italian restaurant, take-aways, and holiday commercials. Good for adding your own vocals or just a voice-over. 30sec full & 30sec underscore versions

Description: Acoustic Drums, Asian percussion kit, Asian Gushing Zither, Chinese Di Zi flute, Chinese Xiao flute, synth patches, electric bass, light string section

Description: Hot, passionate & romantic Flamenco style dance played on Spanish Guitars with castanets. Opens with staging strummed chords and into finger picked theme after 2 bars. Perfect for Spanish travel, holiday or vacation 30sec commercials. Full mix and mix without castanets

Description: A variety of musical concepts, sometimes calmed, sometimes dynamic, with a classical guitar, and some of huapango, and some of trance chill out.

Description: Piano, Cinematic, Atmospheric, Nice, Emotional, Tranquil