Description: This quick catchy indie sound bite can be used in internet or film projects. Enjoy!

Description: Smooth,drama,romantic.The musical elements of these track,can set moods and emotions. Contemporary sound design

Description: Song with reggae dub and electronic sounds: melodic and jerky.

Description: The instrumental track with using of indian drums and percussion. The mood of anxiety is replaced with happy feelings.

Description: Acoustic guitar composition with Indian drums and percussion. Autumn mood.

Description: Music melodic arpeggio fast, slightly melancholic.

Description: Composition instrumental with the use of pianos, guitars, drums and percussion. The mood is calm, meditative.

Description: A calm and melancholic ballad featuring guitar arpeggios

Description: A song inspired by traveling along a traffic-free road and around a large space.

Description: Acoustic music with cavaquinho guitar, acoustic guitar, transverse flute and percussion. Let the music take you on a journey through the jungles and rivers of the Amazon, where colours and sounds merge into one.