Description: Rap, Rap-Gangsta, Urban, Urban-Rap, Urban, Serious, Strong, Bad, in a Aggressive mood, featuring Drums, Vocals, Synth, Electronic, Male, with a Mid tempo

Description: Urban, Electronica, Rock, Rap, Urban, Active, Jumpy, Automated, Mechanical, Bouncy, Brash, Determined, Monotonous, Percussive, Confident, Carefree, Pulsing, Punchy, Quirky, Dramatic, Driving, Dynamic, Groovy, Funky, Electronic, Technological, Spacey, in a Confident, Poignant mood, featuring Bass, Drums, Synth, Record Scratch, with a Mid tempo

Description: Urban, Urban-Rap, Rap, Rap-Old School, Rock, Confident, Groovy, in a Confident mood, featuring Bass, Drums, with a Mid tempo

Description: Urban, Rap, Rap-Old School, Funk, Urban, Funky, Groovy, Flowing, Fresh, Struttin, Atmospheric, Bold, Brash, Building, Driving, Dynamic, Ethereal, Laid Back, Loose, Mellow, Pulsing, Punchy, in a Reflective, Mysterious mood, featuring Bass, Drums, Synth, Clavichord, Keyboard, Record Scratch, with a Slow, Mid tempo

Description: Urban, Classical, Classical-Pop, Rap, Electronica, Urban-Hip Hop, Urban-Rap, Urban, Active, Action, Bold, Breathy, Building, Confident, Determined, Drastic, Dynamic, Driving, Edgy, Expressive, Flowing, Struttin, Strong, Smooth, Punchy, Pulsing, Percussive, Moody, Jumpy, Groovy, Intense, Intrigue, in a Confident, Reflective mood, featuring Bass, Drums, Synth, Piano, Electric, Keyboard, Percussion, Guitar, Strings, with a Mid tempo

Description: Awesome rap, fans will not listen to this

Description: Great track, listening to its nice walk

Description: need to understand music in order to write such a cool track

Description: Music charging a mood of positon

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