Description: Urban, Funky, Groovy, Urban, Smooth, Automated, in a Confident, Aggressive mood, featuring Drums, Electronic, Synth, with a Fast tempo

Description: Upbeat with congas and synth

Description: strong pulsing harp beat with funky drum and urgent ambience

Description: Urban, percussive beat that is moody, dark and a bit jazzy

Description: Funk, Urban, Urban-Hip Hop, Hip Hop, Rap, Rap-Old School, Bouncy, Funky, Fun, Fresh, Groovy, Urban, Bump & Grind, in a Fun, Energetic, Confident, Adventurous mood, featuring Drums, Synth, Guitar, Electric, Bass, with a Fast tempo

Description: Raw edgy, death metal guitars meshed with a deep hip hop groove and in your face synth leads. Brash and unforgiving.

Description: aggressive, dark with flute and synth whistle

Description: Urban, Urban-Hip Hop, Funky, Fun, Smooth, in a Fun mood, featuring Drums, Bass, Synth, Guitar, Organ, with a Mid tempo

Description: A contemporary, modern style hip hop cue with a middle eastern perfect for youtube videos, sounds like eminem, lupe fiasco, ludicris,