Description: Funk, Urban, Urban-Hip Hop, Hip Hop, Bouncy, Funky, Fun, Fresh, Groovy, Urban, Bump & Grind, in a Fun, Energetic, Confident, Adventurous mood, featuring Drums, Synth, Bass, Vocals, Male, Organ, with a Fast tempo

Description: Urban, Urban-Hip Hop, Confident, Sassy, Feel Good, Struttin, Urban, in a Confident mood, featuring Drums, Electronic, with a Mid tempo

Description: Electronica, Urban, Electronica-Jungle, Percussive, Electronic, Carefree, Fun, Ambient, Laid Back, Urban, in a Fun, Energetic mood, featuring Drums, Electronic, Machine, Bass, Percussion, with a Mid tempo


Description: ambient pads with an urban drum feel.

Description: All things positive with this groovy R&B medley of synths, strings and sexy rhythms. Lush vibrant groovy and mellow. Perfect high fashion, laid-back urban club scenes for the African American demographic. Travel, beauty products, upscale lifestyle, fashion shows, romantic drama & slow dancing. (60-sec edit, 30-sec edit, and loop edits available)

Description: Hi energy dirty south Hip-Hop instrumental track creating a feeling of drama or unlawful activity. Urban street anthem.

Description: Majestic sounding music with enveloping strings and harps along with a bright, sexy, hip-hop twist, snappy percussion, and weird SFX ending with beautiful Sitar. Gives a sense of royalty or elegance.

Description: Cool hip hop loop experimental intense bad ass

Description: Eclectic synths, electric guitar sample