Description: This is a tune that uses synths only, no drums.

Description: Deep cinematic soundtrack with different instuments and lovely adventure.

Description: Quiet romantic guitar piece back by light strings, and keyboards, Easy and relaxed great music for Daytime Television Programming, Commercials, Soap Opera Theme, Men and Women's fragrances. Romantic Drama, Regal Enchanting Affairs to Corporate Advertisement and Promotions.

Description: This song is part of the album "Six String Jazz, " released in 2010 under band Stefano Mora Electrio, features many melodies, solos, and bass lines played by 6-string bass. This is a new mix made ​​in 2016. It's a bass solo.

Description: Thoughtful and wistful solo piano. This track may be incorporated into various types of media applications including, but not limited to, commercials, advertisements, film/television, romantic videos and more.

Description: A thoughtful, emotional and reflective track featuring soft, gentle, and beautiful piano melody.

Description: Fingerpicked and strummed acoustic guitar, with mandolin and drums. This song is introspective but has a driving groove. It would work great for background music for personal or corporate presentations, webcasts, or television/radio.

Description: This is romantic background track. Piano, guitars, strings create the atmosphere of romantic story. Perfect for your romantic videos, slideshow and any other project that needs romantic music. 3 versions: 1. Full (3:23) 2. Short (2:13) 3. 1 minute (1:03)

Description: Nice song composed for acoustic instruments. Mellow and soft, played with acoustic guitar, piano and strings., very near to folk style. A mix between drama and comedy. Descriptive and familiar situations, maybe talking about relationships. Good for TV Series or TV programs talking about plants, nature or other relaxing topics.

Description: Meditative piano music in light sadness mood, available for airy cinematic soundscape usage. Human and nature. Thoughts about life.

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