Description: This track is inspiring and positive. It`s good for any kind of presentations, commercials, websites, inspirational videos, motivational stories, photo slideshows and other projects that need a positive mood.

Description: Very good cinematic music track full of deep emotions. It is melancholic, inspiring and dreamy in the same time. Set your imagination free and feel the beauty of fantastic worlds . You can do anything here, you have enough power to make any of you wishes come true. We used piano, synths, drums, bass, bells and percussion to create this perfect piece for showreels, movies, film, trailes, video games, appications and more.

Description: Inspiring beautiful tune that is great for various kinds of videos. Piano, synths, drums, bass, bells and percussion create perfect background for your vlog, podcast, fashion video, movie scene or tv program. Positive magical atmosphere of this thrack will not leave you indifferent.

Description: A bit romantic cinematic music track. Light like early summer morning, very beautiful and uplifting. It eveokes only good memories and presion moments of your life. This music track was created with piano, xilophone, bells, strings and guitars. Charming composition for your summer media projects, wedding videos, love stories, movie scenes and more.

Description: Acoustic Piano and orchestral Strings creates epic,cinematic sound. Simple,beautiful piano riff is repeated through entire song as main theme. Strings supports harmony and counter line. Some orchestral percussion reinforce the wide cinematic sound

Description: An uplifting and optimistic corporate motivational track featuring inspirational melody. Perfect for presentations, business, sales and marketing projects, financial videos.

Description: Something mysterious and frightening in the dark. Dark Shadows surround and sing. The bell is calling.

Description: Intense, mission music, event, challenge, driving, chase, sports, exciting, action, determined

Description: Award ceremony, glory, solemn, respectful, reverent, overcoming adversity, rising above, struggle, redemption

Description: Uplifting, positive and full of energy. On top of the world, the sun shining and everything going your way - this track features infectious hand claps, energetic electric guitars and keyboards, making the perfect track for any radio or television commercial that wants to create a happy vibe. 60sec and 30sec full and underscore versions

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