Description: Impending dangerous situation. Light tension underscore for those dramatic moments when you know something horrible is about to happen. Open with strings drone with fx and heartbeat, then piano figures plus orchestral fx, to a sting crescendo then resolve chord. Perfect for drama, horror, comedy. 60sec & 30sec versions

Description: Thoughtful, reflective moment. Slow paced melancholic piano, full of warm fuzzy memories, with a growing glowing feeling of satisfaction and caring. Great for poignant moments, drama, documentary, radio and TV commercials for personal services, family, caring and anything warm and friendly. 60sec and 30sec versions

Description: Light news, business or hi-tech. Opens with considered steady light arps, in a more serious tone and gradually builds with percussion and sweeping strings to a positive uplifting conclusion. Perfect for Radio & Television commercials for financial services, legal services etc., plus TV documentary. 60sec and 30sec full and light versions

Description: Soundtrack, Drama, Film Score, Dark, Underscore, Sparse, Bumper, Intro, Outro, Tension, Suspense, Intrigue, Haunting, Urgent

Description: the confident dance moves to the big city

Description: the feeling of something important, main, proper, and inevitable

Description: the calm and confident thinking about an important plan

Description: he confidently goes to his goal

Description: sci-Fi documentaries, the movement of objects

Description: Circular, beautiful and rhythmic bell style figures with an air of anticipation. Bright and warm, yet with a serious undertone. Features synth bell repeating figure with building voices. Perfect for forward motion or movement in light drama through to technical or scientific documentary. Main, 60sec and 30sec versions