Description: A song for the funeral of a veteran military officer. Preferably used for the procession bringing the coffin to the grave.

Description: guitarra acustica, electrica, alegre, tv score, aviso comercial

Description: Soft, melodic, calm track, ideal for processing broadcast radio jingles and screensavers. Based on meditative and relaxing combination of piano, Celeste and decays, it causes a sensation of light, positive, heavenly and dreamy moments.

Description: In the music I used orchestral instruments: violin, cello, brass, drums and synths. Music is perfect for movie trailers, cinematic teasers, tv spots, advertising, intro and backgrounds for video games and other commercial projects! In this music, mixed a variety of emotions! Here there is heroism, inspiration and the epic notes!

Description: A rhythmic acoustic guitar with keyboards creating an atmosphere

Description: Rhythmic acoustic guitar, with soundscape

Description: Soundtrack for a series, medical, Medicine, suspense, paranormal, mystery

Description: Motivational corporate theme played on piano, strings and drums. Uplifting and ideal for any celebrations. Idea, Development, Success!

Description: The original light track sung by me in a good mood. Singing accompanied by piano and drums.

Description: Gentle calm piano melody for a lyric and dreamy moments. You can use the full version and a looped track.