Description: rock, space, psychedelic, experimental, trip, lsd

Description: A dramatic and trippy rock song with different sections, some slow and trippy others like classic metal.

Description: 90's Progressive Catchy Vocal

Description: A somewhat Pink Floydish Psychedelic Soundtrack to a non-existing psychedelic Movie (Obscured by Clouds comes to mind...). Kick back, inhale and...enjoy!

Description: Heavy guitar rhythm combined with drums. Sounds the instrumentals from a ZZ Top album.

Description: Instrumental theme that can be used for the film. performance or a game.

Description: Это обращение к тем молодым людям,которые пытаются найти выход от скуки в наркотиках. Но ,это путь по туннелю, где выход один - СМЕРТЬ!

Description: Prototypical Rock n Roll Music. Piano, and Guitar combine to form your usual rock n roll melody. Sounds Like Rock and Roll - by Led Zeppelin

Description: "Barnd" is a dark, mystical-sounding, psychedelic rock track. With a driving beat and trippy electronic elements, this is a unique and catchy song, almost custom-made for a film scene. Modern and edgy!

Description: Electronic, Trip Hop, Dark, Dreamy, Portishead, Psychedelic, Electronica, Ambient, Dance, Chillout, Experimental, Acid Jazz, Dub, House, Hypnotic, New Age

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