Description: psychedelic/progressive rock tune. untraditional song structure. unique solo's and rhythms, some bongo's too! for use in film,games,web and more.

Description: energetic track with psychedelic lead guitar, bass, drums, syncopated percussion and synths trading off 2 parts. suggested for urban chase, club or rave scenes.

Description: Quirky instrumental 1960s style R&B rock n’ roll.

Description: Modern take on a psychedelic 1960s style quirky song

Description: Psychedelic British Invasion tribute to the Fab Four with sitar and horns.

Description: A determination to live this life in front of me.

Description: A groovy summer of love jam that will take you back the 60's

Description: Groovy, upbeat, psychedelic 60's & fun. Takes you right back to the swinging 1960's - very Austin Powers. Features authentic hammond organ, brass, wah-wah guitar, groovy male 'bap bap' backing vocals. FAB for documentary, commercials, fashion. Main mix & underscore

Description: Heavy guitar rhythm combined with drums. Sounds the instrumentals from a ZZ Top album.

Description: Prototypical Rock n Roll Music. Piano, and Guitar combine to form your usual rock n roll melody. Sounds Like Rock and Roll - by Led Zeppelin

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