Description: Blues track for strip club or similar burlesque environment. Dry blues drums, slide guitar riffs and piano riffs makes this the ideak choice for background music in a strip bar.

Description: Rock, Rock-1970'S, Rock-Classic Rock, Rock-Blues, Rock-Hard Rock, Heavy, Driving, Confident, Aggressive, in a Aggressive, Confident, Fun, Energetic, Powerful mood, featuring Bass, Drums, Synth, Guitar, with a Fast tempo

Description: A blues rock song with a driving beat and a catchy guitar riff

Description: Historic, Rock, Rock-1960'S, Rock-Blues, Historic-1960'S, Repetitive, Groovy, Happy, Fun, Excited, Bright, in a Fun, Exciting, Adventurous mood, featuring Synth, Piano, Drums, with a Mid tempo

Description: Rock, Rock-Southern Rock, Shuffle, Americana-Country, Americana, Blues, Rock-Blues, Country-Big Country, Country-Contemporary, Driving, Heavy, Groovy, Aggressive, in a Adventurous, Aggressive, Energetic, Fun mood, featuring Drums, Guitar, Electric, with a Fast tempo

Description: Minor key, rolling, Harmony Electric Guitars, Decisive, Proud, Confident, Sure Proactive, Powerful

Description: Swaggering Blues Rock, Classic Rock, Classic Rock and Country Rock. Slide Guitar, Southern, Gritty, Forceful, Winning, Attitude, Slide Guitar

Description: Endurance test, Rugged, Mountain, Gritty, Blues Harmonica, Southern, Electric Guitars, Country, Back country, Horseback blues

Description: Blues, Chicago, Happy, Light, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Standard, Traditional, Good Times, Jam, Old School, Down Home, Solo, Country

Description: A lively boogie-woogie, arranged for a solo piano, vibraphone, and a blues-rock band, uplifting and inspiring in mood, well-suited for visual scenarios imbued with a sense of fondness, care, friendliness, motivation, positivity, and playfulness.

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