Description: Epic cinematic track with orchestra instruments and drums. Great for adventure movies, documentaries, war games etc.

Description: Spiritual, Religious and Inspirational Christian Music. Moody atmospheric music with an epic and dramatic climax. Darkness becomes light. Powerful and grand sacred song.

Description: A peaceful and happy piece of music with guitar and whistling.

Description: A peaceful, reverent piece of music with guitar and female vocals.

Description: Short instrumental version of the Christmas song “Angel we have heard on high” (1 verse + 2 Choruses). The orchestration is based on typical church instruments and ends with a cinematic touch (pipe organ, flute, choir, string section, French horns and Tuba and orchestral percussion). The build-up brings out the emotion of this beautiful song. Ideal for Youtube Videos or promotional actions related to Christmas!

Description: Mid Tempo, Contemporary, Boyz 2 Men, Gospel, R&B, Pop, Soulful, Worship, Praise, Church, Sunday, Organs, French Horn, guitars, Pianos, TV, Film, Video Game, Youtube, Movie, Soundtrack, Instrumental, Background, Music, Beat, Track.

Description: A pop track with kind of gregorian chant, strings, distorted guitar and a voice scream sample from "klankbeeld" at which is under the attribution license, Thanks for that! Also available as alternate version without scream sounds.

Description: A pop track with kind of gregorian chant, strings and distorted guitar. Also available as alternate version with scream sounds.

Description: Heavenly music with the guitar, choir and string bass.

Description: By His Stripes is a ballad style inspirational rap about Jesus Christ dying on the cross for us. This a catchy tune that is sure to be remembered.