Description: a new age version of the old classic.

Description: baby born christmas.

Description: Religious & Spiritual, Beautiful, Charming, Dramatic, Introspective, Fresh, Gentle, in a Heartwarming mood, featuring Orchestra, Piano, Synth, with a Mid tempo

Description: look also for others files mariage wedding theme with gospels.

Description: Beautiful and emotionally fulfilling piece of music featuring piano, bells, cello, violins and boys choir. Starts with piano and and slowly builds as cello and violins come in, adding extra layers of emotions and dynamics. Perfect for film/game trailers, commercials, videos, projects and so on.

Description: Warm, laid back and caring acoustic underscore. Heartwarming and easy, in a spiritual contemporary Christian style. Perfect for Sunday morning worship style TV shows or human interest and caring radio and television commercials. Features acoustic guitars, piano and strings. 60sec and 30sec versions

Description: Heavenly Church style choir. Uplifting voices, reverent and respectful, in the style of a traditional hymn. Beautiful and atmospheric setting for religious buildings and events. Features Boy soprano lead, with full male and female choir backing. Great for Documentary, radio and TV commercials. 60sec and 30sec versions

Description: The classic gospel hymn that's well known and sung regularly for religious functions. This piece works great for mass recognition. Here it's done in a classical orchestra chamber ensemble with grand piano, choir, harp, and a flute melody line. 90bpm. It’s origin is believed to be from before the US civil war era and also known as, Study War No More and Lay Down My Burden.

Description: The Hallelujah Chorus The most well known of all the movements in The Messiah is the one popularly known as the Hallelujah Chorus by Handel circa 1741. Here done in a classical chamber ensemble of piano, flute, strings, voice choir, and bass drum. 104 bpm

Description: This is a classical Christmas hymn with lyrics written by Nahum Tate, 1700; first appeared in Tate & Brady’s Psalter, 1702. The music is known as Winchester Old by Este’s Psalter, 1592. and Christmas, George F. Handel, 1728; arranged in Harmonia Sacra, 1812. Here it is presented in a classic orchestra ensemble with flute, harp, piano, and strings. While shepherds watched their flocks by night, All seated on the ground, The angel of the Lord came down, And glory shone around, And glory shone around.100bpm