Description: Hard, edgy rhythm section with wild drum breaks and synth solo.

Description: Mysterious drums and percussion.

Description: Mysterious drums and percussion with dark synth pad.

Description: Alternate version of ww200035 with rhythmic synth figure.

Description: Persistant funk dialog between electric bass and drums.

Description: Bouncy modern groove with female vocal group and FX.

Description: Rock Pop Industrial Slow Laid-Back Moderate Medium Human Positive Humorous Funny Strange Bizarre Soul Hip Synthesizer Drums Bass Guitar Horns FX Action Interlude Background Comic Comedy Urban Night Travelling Moving Party Young Contemporary Television TV Stylish.

Description: Dark and mysterious electric guitar chords againsts a hip.

Description: Nostalgic music collage of mid.

Description: Rock music collage going from 70s psychedelia thru 80s disco. Tempo and mood changes.