Description: A positive, strong, and driving song for a modern indie rock band with full overdriven and distortion electric guitars. This piece is uplifting, hopeful, and motivating. Perfect for projects needing bright, warm, and joyful music, with a little extra grit!

Description: A modern, upbeat, and energetic indie-rock track with electric guitars, bass, and drums.

Description: Weird western spaguetti in 5/4 time signature. electric bass, acoustic and electric guitar, drums

Description: Upbeat indie rock with cool electronic keyboard. Very fun and lighthearted!

Description: An indie-rock instrumental track featuring a dark electric guitar, organ, synthesizer, a pulsating kick drum, and ambient percussion.

Description: Ready for a movie trailer. Metropolitan atmosphere full of groove and SFX. It has an ironic flavour and remembers the mood of films like "The Snatch", "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" and all mixed styles of comedy and crime thriller.

Description: Chilled out acoustic guitar, electric piano and Vox.

Description: An energetic and uplifting corporate indie rock track featured acoustic guitars, overdrive electric guitars, fast drums, tight bass, piano, background vocals. Positive indie rock music for corporate and business videos, presentations, web, vlog, film, advertising and animations that have an upbeat, fun, pop punk, exciting, good time, happy, and successful scenes. 135BPM, Em. Thank you for listening and purchasing-)

Description: Speed s an energetic rock, fast and melodic, which evokes the freedom, the road and the pleasure. Guitars overdriven, heavy Bass and punchy Drum, all that is necessary to move.