Description: Intense and dirty, distorted, grungy guitars move a mid-tempo track forward, while a bed of cello strengthens the powerful drums.

Description: Powerful, raw Rock track with solid beat and edgy guitars.

Description: A song about the dreary process of waiting impatiently for something absolutely irresistible, and the suspicion of the involvement of outside forces. A deep, driving bass line is powered through by a consistent mid-tempo drum pattern. The leading guitar riff is the catalyst between the thick drum and bass sounds, and the dreamlike sounds of the second guitar and other carefully placed ambient sounds.

Description: Edgy and powerful Rock track with solid groove and driving guitars.

Description: This indie rock song in the style of Ben Folds Five, Andrew Bird, Jukebox the Ghost, and The Strokes tells the story of someone breaking free from whatever situation is holding them down. The song has an infectious get up and do something attitude that will build the listener up in excitement and then bring them back down to reality only to build up again.

Description: Happy and sad music on the average speed. The electric guitar and its melody symbolizes the loud and beautiful future. There is a man's falsetto.

Description: A relaxed indie-rock instrumental featuring electric guitar, drums, organ and acoustic guitar.

Description: sad and soulful rock guitars track.

Description: funk rock guitar instrumental.