Description: Happy Birthday done up 60's style. Great for someone who remembers Woodstock or anyone that wants a heavy psychedelic version.

Description: This straight-up rock song starts with the keys and is soon followed by the drums, bass, and guitars.

Description: A loopable, driving rock track, perfect for any media moment. Features picked bass, drums and crunchy guitar. Works for any kind of media, including TV, radio, web, news, podcasts, shows, episodes and commercials.

Description: Rockin' At The Roadhouse Bar is hard driving rock music designed for biker bar scenes, open road adventure, surfing, bikers, saloons, extreme sports, and Harley Davidson. Think beer bar and party time.

Description: Surf's Up At Malibu is hard driving rock music for an active and adventurous lifestyle. Think outdoor sports and adventurous travel.

Description: Rock, Hard Rock, Alternative, Upbeat, Edgy, Driving, Energetic, AC/DC, Treacherous, Secret, Covert, Shady, Shadowy, Mystery

Description: Metal, Heavy Metal, Aggressive, Dark, Driving, Intense, Menacing, Underscore, Adrenaline, Pounding, Angry, Evil, Death, Thrash, Action, Mayhem, Extreme, Sports

Description: Hard rock song consisting of strong riffs and driving drums/bass section. Of course there is an mandatory 30 sec solo guitar part in the middle Those who like sound of the acoustic guitar won't be disappointed either. Good for any kind of extreme sports or wild life action. Also for computer games involving snowboarding,skating,racing and that kind of stuff. Great indie rock tune for all your projects! and in case you didn't notice Indie rock is becoming mainstream and its everywhere from commercials to major new movies

Description: Punk Rock track for all fans of rock music fans and drive. Great fit during your drive video projects. Good luck in your work.

Description: Edgy rock guitars with an urban beat