Description: A catchy, slow driven bass line is backed by ever-changing jazz and hip-hop drum patterns. Ominous strings in the background set the tone for a beautifully labored guitar melody and a hypnotic vocal track. The lyrics were written while the writer was involuntarily admitted to a psych facility on a 72 hour hold. The song "Nine to Five Thesis" is a modern adaptation of medieval monk Martin Luther's "Ninety Five Theses". As Luther, in essence, declared war against the catholic church in his submission of this doctrine, this song is about the declaration of war against the writer's own spiritual oppressors.

Description: Quirky guitar and manic laughter undertone through this midtempo beat heavy track.

Description: Energetic, melodic Orchestral Rock track with powerful groove, piano, edgy guitars and dramatic strings.

Description: Rock/electro oriented driving, percussive track.

Description: #11is the child of The Mars Volta, Incubus and Rage Against the Machine in one song.

Description: Lockdown is a rock song that has some intricate drums and fun guitars.

Description: Endeavor is a song that is surf rock sounding but very indie styled in its approach; not your average guitar sounds.

Description: Instrumental guitar composition with elements of funk. In this composition changes the mood and character. Positive mood, memories and reflection, meditation.

Description: A few pieces, a few styles of music in one song. Starting from scary, hunted ghost like whispering intro than orchestra with percussion and nice smooth melody to progressive guitar driven rock song with nice grove. One song for many projects.

Description: Melodic Dance-techno like piece of music with heavy, live looped guitar. Dreamy nice mood.