Description: Energetic, intense and groovy rock guitar riff loop. Ideal for adventure or dramatic films, actions and games, sport, presentations, commercials, game trailers and more.

Description: Epic guitar solo, action drums and inspiring harmony - a great background for a romantic project, adventure films and games, love stories, epic and sentimental and emotional video, photo slideshow, moment of culmination, desing and creative movie.

Description: Here is a fast paced progressive rock/metal instrumental with technical and syncopated phrasing. This track is Ludwig von Beethoven in a classic 4 piece rock band format of 7 string rhythm electric guitar, 5 string electric bass, organ, and a rock drum kit that pushes hard. It has very melodic instrument interactions and dynamics that are constantly changing around a central theme. It will add hard driving thrills and excitement! 100 bpm

Description: Radical rock, extreme attitude

Description: Techno, synth theme, sports, high tech

Description: Bass, drums, guitar, acid guitar, rock, heavy metal, transition, work part

Description: Fast Driving, Powerful, Action Guitars, Synths Sports Action

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