Description: Cheerful rock composition with catchy melody created with drums, bass, guitars, piano and synths. So positive and summery! The track is great for commercials, tv or radio programs, youtube videos and more.

Description: Positive rock tune for adventurous souls. A bit carefree, edgy and optimistic. Perfect background for daily routine video, vlog, travel diary. Created with drums, bass, guitars and synths, the track will suit a video about workflow in a big company or commercial for a new product.

Description: This rock piece is so much fun! Electronic organ, drums, bass, guitars, strings and synths make positive motivational melody. Full of joy and energy , it makes you think about summer party, some crazy adventure with friends, successful day at work and just any positive exciting moment of your life. Great music track for commercial, youtube video, podcast, tv program and more.

Description: This one is a aggressive, powerful, energetic, motivational, inspirational instrumental hard rock music for commercial use. Perfect for youtube videos, slideshow, advertisement, promotion, presentation, tv, radio and any project that need energetic, powerful, aspire, motivational mood and rock sound.

Description: world music, ethnic, global, international, percussion, mallets, serious, soulful, rich, warm

Description: A playful and happy tune full of positive energies.

Description: A playful and happy tune full of positive energies.

Description: A playful and happy tune full of positive energies.

Description: Positive, instrumental composition. The main melody is played by guitar, drums and bass give beautiful pulsation, synthesizers complement harmony and melody

Description: Inspirational Rock Anthem is fresh inspirational invigorative rock track with powerfull drums, distorted guitars, muted guitar and background vocal choir. It was written in commercial timing standard, so it's perfect for TV shows, advertising and commercials, sports, cinema production, radio production, games etc. Inspirational Rock Anthem will give the sence of victory and courage to your promos and motivational videos. The main theme is playing by muted guitar, accompanied by strumming acoustic guitar, bass guitar and synth pad. Some spatial hi-tech effects and reversed piano are playing in verses also. Distorted guitars, strings and background vocals are playing in choruses. Powerfull live drums are playing whole track. Available variants: full version (2:08), full version without vocals (2:08), 1 minute version, 1 minute version without vocals, 2 minutes version, 2 minutes version without vocals.

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