Description: Modern power punk rock track with energetic and upbeat feel

Description: Retro British invasion style pop rock guitar groove with bass guitar, drums, piano and organ, includes bridge.

Description: “Retro Stars” is a fast pace high energy track starting out with a driving retro like guitar riff you can tap your foot to, and builds to an explosion like rock/ pop chorus.

Description: Thick break-beat drums, old-school funky drum loops, big spacey build-up effects, thick layered trance style synth stabs, low pounding wood synth bass, and haunting piano-choir chord stabs / Perfect cue for any film or TV show that needs alternative synth rock in the vein of early Linkin Park or Limp Bizkit.

Description: Cheerful rock track with electronic elements. Perfect for a cheerful, positive video or commercial.

Description: Track highlights depression, disappointment in anything, regret, sadness. Can be used for the corresponding scenes in video and cinema.

Description: Hard rock track with a heavy metal vibe reflecting the rebel lifestyle and swagger of a motorcycle gang.

Description: Uptempo, bright, hard rock by a slammin' girl band.

Description: Head banging hard rock...uptempo, driving beat.

Description: Uptempo, take no prisoners, hard rock by all girl band.