Description: Mid Tempo. Laid back feel. Rhodes riff, wah guitar. Jazz-funk groove.

Description: Step back in time with this great R&B groove that would be right at home with Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles. This up beat and infectious song is great for chase sequences, out on the town montages, or a cocky casino heist.

Description: Fluid electronic pads, edgy dynamic beats and percussion, sparse electronic piano keys. Smooth muzak cue for alluring moments, fantasies, scene transition and more. This is a seamless loop.

Description: A beautiful modern R&B melody, perfect for commercial. Akon style. Soulful, sensual and dreamy. Cool, Dancing, Grand, Happy, Joyful, Moving, Excited, Driving, Bright, Rhythmic, Inspiring, Lounge, Groovy, Emotional, Beautiful, Triumphant, Majestic, Confident, Pulsating, akon, rnb, guetta, uptempo, bouncy, uplifting, positive, hip hop, beat, dance, urban

Description: Heavy, beat driven with Jazz Flute solo. Edgy, mid tempo, urban flavour. Vocal scratch middle 8.

Description: rhythmic, lively, celebratory, film and television cue.

Description: Lounge style, laid back groove with Jazz flute, Rhodes, upright Bass and drums. Slow tempo with strong beat.