Description: Typical Boggie-Woogie in the style of Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richards and others, with brass section, piano, rhythm section and tenor sax lead. Uptempo, energy and groove in perfect 50’s style. Available in: main version / with electric guitar instead of tenor sax / no lead melodies / 60sec / 30sec. Ballroom dance, period film, 50’s and 60’s documentary, american graffiti.

Description: Blues, Chicago, Happy, Light, Underscore, Standard, Traditional, Good Times, Old School, Country

Description: Gospel Chord Progression with trap drums

Description: Sultry Instrumental with feeling and rhythm guitar

Description: Modern RNB Instrumental with vocal chops (Fully cleared samples)

Description: Groovy Retro 1960s style Go Go Dancer tune.

Description: Minimalist instrumental track, with gentle piano, strings and guitars.

Description: a mysterious sound, banjo/guitar plus horns.

Description: Sexy Mother Fucker - Soul. Marvin Urias - Free Music Publishing

Description: A very lively active rock jazz rhythm and blues honky tonk piano instrumental.Nostalgic.