Description: Mid tempo pop/R&B cue featuring organ, bass, percussion, synthesizers, timpani, and processed voices

Description: Fluid electronic pads, edgy dynamic beats and percussion, sparse electronic piano keys. Smooth muzak cue for alluring moments, fantasies, scene transition and more. This is a seamless loop.

Description: This is an r&b/hip-hop instrumental it has catch melody to it. This type of beat is what mainstream artists such as Beyonce, Trey Sons, Avant, Usher, Drake, and others uses. This has a r&b style to it and it has various build ups, break downs, and changes while keeping the same feel this is industry standard.

Description: A beautiful modern R&B melody, perfect for commercial. Akon style. Soulful, sensual and dreamy. Cool, Dancing, Grand, Happy, Joyful, Moving, Excited, Driving, Bright, Rhythmic, Inspiring, Lounge, Groovy, Emotional, Beautiful, Triumphant, Majestic, Confident, Pulsating, akon, rnb, guetta, uptempo, bouncy, uplifting, positive, hip hop, beat, dance, urban

Description: Smooth r&b groove with an edge, booming kick drums and dynamic percussion. Smooth criminal type music, living the night life, dealing with addictions, seduction and other adult themes. Background music for multiple use. This is a seamless loop.

Description: Uplifitng, Motown, Feel Good, Marvin Gaye, Urban,

Description: Funky, Groovy, Funkadelic, R&B, 90s, 2000s, MTV, Vh1, Urban

Description: spiritual gospel drum corp marching band cool smart r&b r kelly hip hop soul funk achievement goals reunion

Description: Funky, Groovy, Funkadelic, R&B, 90s, 2000s, MTV, Vh1, Urban