Description: Smooth nighttime R&B chill-:30

Description: Groovy funk chill-:60

Description: Lounge style, retro feel, cafe influenced music. Rhodes lead, chords, wah guitar, laid back groove.

Description: Mid Tempo. Laid back feel. Rhodes riff, wah guitar. Jazz-funk groove.

Description: A dark, edgy, R&B Pop track with ragga/dance hall feel

Description: Slow, dependable and inspiring RnB pop groove. Mouthwatering fresh cuisine, exciting new flavours, food to tantalize the taste buds, this positive uplifting yet considered groove is perfect for restaurants, supermarket premium ranges through to jewellery and perfume radio and television commercials. 60sec and 30sec full and no synth mixes

Genres: Royalty Free Music , Modern and Urban Contemporary

Description: Slow tempo soul music, with touch of Funk and Jazz. Very romantic and inspiring. Works great with video. Available versions: Full track, short edit, loop 1 and loop 2.

Description: Upbeat and bright with an R&B Funk groove, featuring Jazzy horns, vintage style electric guitar and breakdowns that create a happy and celebratory mood. Party, Celebration, Good-Times, Vintage, 70's.

Description: acoustic bass, guitar with piano + strings. driving, medium, reflective, nostalgic, emotional, celestial, cerebral , fantasy, tension, dreamy, Ambient Lounge, Drama , Soul