Description: Song that recalls urban landscapes, deep love stories, sadness and emotional depth. A true love story Perfect for cinema, documentaries, short films, commercials, music videos and any other type of audiovisual format.

Description: Light instrumental composition, light mood, beautiful harmony and melody.

Description: Light, melodic, instrumental track with beautiful guitar melodious and rhythmic patterns. The mood is positive.

Description: Upbeat, funny and fresh pop rock stock music with energetic guitar riffing, claps, piano and solid beat. Perfect for advertising, commercials and promotional videos.

Description: This instrumental composition creates an atmosphere of calmness and grandeur, warmth of the soul. The guitar melody pervades the harmony and the violin adds space.

Description: A very pop rock oriented song that has a very big chorus reminiscent of paramore.

Description: Pop rock song that is bass guitar oriented.

Description: Relate To This is a pop punk song that resembles late 2000's.

Description: This song is a hard hitting pop rock song that resembles the paramore era of rock.

Description: Get Out is a pop rock song that has a killer chorus and bridge.