Description: Mysterious, pulsating rhythm with floating synth and string effects overlaid.

Description: Spacey, floating background with effects building into orchestral climax.

Description: Optimistic, joyous and fun music track featuring electric guitar, Glockenspiel, Percussion, Bass Guitar and Energetic Drums. Happy, cheerful and exciting composition best fit for commercials, product promos, corporate presentations, business projects, TV and film, Happy family videos, Children’s videos, Summer Documentaries and much much more.

Description: A nice acoustic riff that loops over with some re-orchestration as the song progresses. I think this piece of music fits great with any sort of project that intends to give a fun, positive, friendly vibe.

Description: A nice happy tune with a very innocent and child-like feel to it. Features some acoustic guitar as the main focus, as well as some piano and voice choruses on the background to add some profoundness. Ideal for any content with an uplifting-happy vibe to it.

Description: Perfect for presentations, beckground, TV, advertising, fashion, video production and more…

Description: Uplifting, positive and full of energy. On top of the world, the sun shining and everything going your way - this track features infectious hand claps, energetic electric guitars and keyboards, making the perfect track for any radio or television commercial that wants to create a happy vibe. 60sec and 30sec full and underscore versions

Description: Song that recalls urban landscapes, deep love stories, sadness and emotional depth. Perfect for cinema, documentaries, short films, commercials, music videos and any other type of audiovisual format.

Description: All people always dream of happiness, but not everyone is happy in this life, many happiness is elusive constantly, and it's unfortunate ... Here sounds a wonderful magical electric piano ... Ideal for a nostalgic scene in the movie ...

Description: Inspiring pop music track for your great video project.