Description: Fun, energetic instrumental of authentic 1960s style sock hop muisc. 49 seconds, featuring tenor sax and rhythm section

Description: An inspiring, beautiful and emotionally fulfilling piece of music perfect for wedding videos, romantic videos, inspirational projects, photo slideshows, motivational presentations and more.

Description: Pop tune that Inspires and Motivates lending to a successful corporate environment. Lead your corporate team to the top of your organization by providing an exciting, confident, empowering environment to teach or lead during presentations or videos.

Description: Smooth and flowing with an optimistic and positive feel creating a motivational and inspirational underscore.

Description: action, advertise, beat, best, business, club, corporate, dance, drive, drum, electronic, guitar, happy, hot, house, joyful, modern, motivational, night, optimistic, party, positive, power, progressive, quake, score, strong, success, sythtension, uplifting, vibration, vigorous, warm, medium, tempo,

Description: Motivating, uplifting, inspirational track with electric guitar airy arpeggio, acoustic guitars, guitar harmonics, clear piano, atmospheric pads and light percussion with straight groove. Mood and associations: the awakening of life, hope, victory, strength of mind, faith. Can be used as backgrounds, soundtrack, sound illustration to a video presentation or any other projects.

Description: Contemporary sounding Pop instrumental. Synth and electric guitar riffs and solid groove. Great for video, fashion , presentations, corporate use ,party …

Description: Bright and driving synth pop music , featuring energetic strings, electric guitar ,bouncy piano,shimmering and pulsing leads that create a positive and uplifting mood. High powered, energetic music for business, ideal background for corporate video, website, advertising, TV show and other media projects.

Description: Quirky guitar harmonics, big synths, floor kick, and acoustic guitar this song powerful and contemporary. It's a mix of corporate, motivational themes and popular music artists such as Imagine Dragons, Kavinsky and M83. It has been mixed and mastered with mobile devices in mind. It will play fair on just about anything. Enjoy!

Description: This is a positive, inspirational track that’s perfect for your corporate / business media project. Whether it’s about challenges, growth, teamwork, courage or motivation, this piece will turn your project into a convincing and encouraging production.