Description: Mix of hard rock guitar riffs with dubstep wobble bass. Hard sound for your video and movie.

Description: Dubstep remix of classic Christmas song "Jingle Bells". Dubstep Jingle Bells (original version):

Description: suspenseful twangy guitar with dub step base fill this track

Description: Mr Grumbles is his nane and he is on a mission of disaster. Dub step sounds and a crazy baseline

Description: The screamers are loose in this intense track that lets loose on the meenies in our world

Description: Energetic drumstep track with dubstep and trap elements.

Description: Gentle, atmospheric beginning, an interesting development and culmination of dubstep. Suitable as a soundtrack to the film, the background for sports videos, technology presentations, game trailer and other modern projects. Thank you for listening, and rating the purchase!

Description: The track made in the style of dubstep. There are such elements as drums, cymbals, but the main element of the melody is a synth... Perfect for movies, games, daily listening, and playing sports

Description: Powerful combination of hybrid dubstep and epic music is making this track suitable for action scenes. Perfect for movie trailers, game soundtrack, sport scenes and action videos!

Description: This epic track is perfect for trailers, teasers, tv spots, commercials, promos, games, ad, features, media entertainment, news, presentations, previews, video, films, Youtube, Vimeo, radio, tv programs or videohive projects.