Description: Energetic dubstep track with modern wobble bassline, powerful beat, hi-tech sounds and elements of new modern style - trap. Best for introduction to films and games, for trailers and advertisements or any visual project.

Description: A mellow intro gives way into an intense build up, releasing into a nice trance step style dub step track with arpeggio chords and synths, wobble bass parts and an intricate dub step rhythm section.

Description: This track has dominated the internet, with thousands of downloads, hundreds of thousands of plays. Everyone loves it. It's the perfect combination between beautiful melodies and heavy dubstep basses.

Description: Original and inventive dubstep style track, enigmatic piano break provides a cinematic element whilst staying with a dubstep beat and effects. Fresh sounding underscore with a driving force that is very original.

Description: Scorching dubstep style track, angry and rebellious, full of suspense, has a primeval sounding scream weaving its way through the track. Good underscore for sports action and promos.

Description: Cinematic dubstep intro for hi-tech video beginings or introductions. Heavy, modern, intense and powerful.

Description: Screaming dubstep style track, brutal and hard, inventive and original sounds, in the style of Datsik and Skrillex, perfect for dark underscore, intros, outros, gaming, trailers and promos. The melody is supplied by a piercing piano, sparse and haunting. With the right visual this will be a stunning underscore.

Description: Dirty industrial dubstep in the style of Skrillex, perfect for gaming, sports action, advertising and extreme sports. Dark and brutal, great for underscore, intros, outros and promos.