Description: Long eventful dubstep music for races events etc.

Description: Edgy, powerful modern Dubstep track with killer drum groove, piano, dark synths and strings. Builds into energetic double-time section, then back to original groove. Dubstep at it's best!

Description: Powerful, gripping Dubstep track with piano, edgy synths and solid groove.

Description: Hardcore, edgy Dubstep track with powerful beat and gripping synths. Energetic, dynamic and fun!

Description: Very powerful and energetic,action and melodic dubstep track. Perfect for the game, action video project or something like that.

Description: Very powerful Dubstep track with graceful classical strings, solid drum groove and edgy synths. An excellent mix of musical styles - hardcore modern and elegant classical!

Description: Positive and Inspirational music with uplifting melodies. Energetic and Powerful track. Perfect for advertising, motivational videos, commercials, radio, games, YouTube’s video and others projects.

Description: Strong, dynamic and powerful dubstep! Bass’s qualitative combination to the main subject of a track and inexpressible feeling of adrenaline…

Description: This is a groovy dance pop music with IDM and Dubstep elements. Bold and straight beat, a lot of small synth “inserts”, catchy lead melody. Great for fashion, contemporary and modern visual.