Description: Downtempo Hip Hop instrumental with a laid back, New School feel featuring various synths and FX. Possible use can range from "chill" type songs, set up/preparation scenes, web videos, trailers, etc.

Description: A Hip hop Beat with piano,strings,bell and synth fx. The Beat is great for aggressive lyric.

Description: Modern heavy Trap style Hip hop beat with deep sub-bass, brass elements, frantic snare and high hat rolls.

Description: ‘South Dark HipHop’ south dark hip hop beat with synth arp, synth, brass, drum. good for game, dark movie, web, youtube, any video.

Description: a Dirty South Hip Hip Beat with modern strings,synths and bells.

Description: Grimey Dirty South style Hip Hop beat featuring synths, keyboards, leads, & moderate bass. Possible uses can range from songs, grimey scenes, web videos, trailers, etc.

Description: An Epic Dirty South Hip Hop Instrumental for Rappers or Rap Singers but also great as background music for a powerful and energetic video. Driven by crazy snare rolls and a big and heavy 808 bass line. A truly bouncy and huge instrumental with fast triplet hi-hats. A real anthem track.

Description: Great Hip hop beat that can used for a car scene, or someone speeding in a race. Thanks for listening and purchasing!

Description: Instrumental trap music, perfect for video about cars, vlog.