Description: Fast and energetic uplifting corporate track in modern pop-rock style with orchestral elements and positive mood.

Description: Orchestral string music with a pop flavor. Uplifting, classy and fun

Description: Ultra dynamic electro-orchestral music with a cinematic flair reflecting the dramatic destiny of modern technology on a grand scale. Designed for big events, corporate branding, upscale advertising, high tech expos, infomercials and success themes.

Description: An epic orchestral trailer music ideal for commercial use, advertisment, company representations and coporate web videos. Positive, uplifting, encouraging, inspirational, inspiring, glorious, patriotic, brave, escalating, confident and motivating. Accomplishing success, building on intensity, adventure and achieving goals. Main orchestral instruments are stac strings, brass, horns, heavy drums, taikos, trumpet an crashes. Cinematic instrumental structure is ideal for intense heroic, patriotic success stories. Track can be related as dramatic film score, orchestral music, corporate music, company representation videos, cinematic trailer, trailer music, inspire, motivate, orchestral strings, upbeat, loud, blockbuster and background music.

Description: Success is always associated in our minds with something sublime, remote, vast and beautiful. Uplifting and motivational pop rock track expressing a lot of positivity and strong confidence. Suitable for various projects. Enjoy!

Description: This corporate music screams this is modern, cool, and is something to take notice. The piano plays out a strong rhythm as the orchestral elements take the listener on a positive and inspiring ride. The bell melodies and strings play together while the overall tone is perfect for a wide variety of applications including explainers, business, presentation, ads, television, and much more.

Description: Epic Success Story is a powerful motivational track with rock and orchestral influences. This track is suited for inspirational projects that need a power boost. The contrast between the calm piano/orchestral parts and the heavy rock choruses deliver an extra doze of energetic emotions to lift up the listeners and deliver that boost that your project needs. The track could go along very well with epic sports material and successful stories in general. Check out also the shorter versions! Thanks for listening!

Description: Positive and purposeful, this track is ideal for any business related production looking for an uplifting corporate theme. You can also use this song anywhere on TV projects, internet projects, presentations, websites, movies, commercials and other media projects. Good Luck!

Description: Inspiring is a acoustic orchestra cinematic instrumental which is good background music for any presentation needing powerful background music. Inspiring is sentimental romantic music that is very uplifting and inspirational. Features Acoustic guitar, piano, strings, and other orchestra instruments to give it that large building mood music for documentary, music for movie and tv. This dramatic music is also prefect for wedding music, music for slideshows.

Description: Both delicate & epic, romantic & uplifting, beautiful & inspiring, this piece starts with a gentle grand piano movement & builds with orchestral strings & manipulated organic tones, this gorgeous euphoric piece lifts you gently then flies you away to somewhere magical. Very commercial & very moving. Instrumental, Dramatic Music.

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