Description: Positive motivational track with danceable mood. Consist of acoustic guitar parts, and groovy drums.

Description: Fun and entertaining upbeat track with lots of energy. Summer, beach parties and love is the theme and the track has great potential for advertising, commercials and teenagers. Put some summer footage to it and you got an awesome video!

Description: A Capella, jazzy male vocal combo groove, in the style of TV series Glee. Warm, bright, catchy, friendly and confident. Vocal 'bah's and doo-doo's with finger snaps part way through. Very Different! great for 30sec COMMERCIALS THAT STANDS OUT ABOVE THE CROWD!

Description: Fits for many projects,documentary,corporative,movies,web.

Description: Spring Is Here,Sunshine,worm,good for many projecs.

Description: Back to the golden era of the 1960s with this California Beach Boys style 30sec commercial. Bright, feel-good and full of energy. Memories of white sandy beaches, the surf, the sunshine and of course the beautiful people. Retro underscore versions with or without backing vocals. 30sec commercial

Description: Energetic, raunchy Pop/Rock track with solid dance beat, edgy guitars and synths. Mysterious, ominous atmosphere - Great for background music!

Description: Fits for many projects, documentary,corporative,movies,web.

Description: Upbeat, uptempo pop/rock/teen song about a preteen/teenage girl who likes a boy in her school because he is who he is -- no pretense, no put ons, no false cool that many teenagers adopt in an attempt to boost their social status. The song is about rejecting and rebeling against all the pretenses of this age and all the school-related judgements that come with it. It's a driving track with a strong hook, strong harmonies and an electric guitar that rocks out in the chorus. It could easily be used as a theme song for any TV show geared to teens and preteens -- films with similar themes as well.

Description: Instrumental version of a breezy, yet edgy, pop/teen song about a girl who knows someone likes her romantically but that person doesn't want to acknowledge it. The song works well as the musical background for any TV, film or commercial scene in which two potential lovers are thinking about one another and long to get together. It has a strong, driving drum beat.