Description: Catchy modern Pop track with driving beat, synths and catchy vocal samples

Description: Groovy electronic track with driving beat and catchy quirky synths

Description: Mellow, relaxing modern Pop/R&B ballad. Solid groove and quirky, catchy synths.

Description: Hip modern teenage Pop/ Hip Hop/ R&B track with solid groove, catchy synths and vocal samples.

Description: Cool modern Hip Hop track with solid groove, guitars and synths. Powerful and catchy.

Description: Funky, upbeat Pop track, modern, dark, driving, powerful, dramatic, tense

Description: Modern Hip Hop/Pop/Urban track with solid groove and catchy synths. Bouncy and carefree.

Description: Quirky and slightly mysterious Pop track with solid groove and catchy synths. Builds into groovy chorus section.

Description: Romantic ballad with flowing strings, organ, oboe, building into fully orchestrated section with drums and bass.

Description: Mellow Pop ballad with solid groove, organ, strings and quirky synths. Flowing, passionate and flowing.