Description: funky guitar riffs and bass grooves surrounded by some light keyboard sounds and some modern drum beats.

Description: The cool place to hang out. You don’t need to take a date. Just go stag. It’s private, and there’s always beautiful people in the shadows.

Description: Soft Moody Pop Featuring Female Vocal Sad Tears

Description: Poppy Electronic hip hop nice groove can be spliced and repeated

Description: Music made in the style of synth pop! Perfect for background websites, flash animations and cartoons. Particularly good track for scoring computer games, movies, fashion show

Description: groovy synthesizer sounds with some light melodies and a strong rhythm section.

Description: Slow, R&B, Pop, Urban, Soul, Soulful, Ballad, Groovy, Smooth, Chill, Feel good, Old School, Smooth, Cool, Laid back, Good times, Good Old Days, Home cooking, Easy, Love, In Love, relationships, Southern Soul, Electric Pianos, Guitar, Bass, Strings, Synths, Percussion, TV, Film, Video Game, Youtube, Movie, Soundtrack, Instrumental, Background, Music, Beat, Track.

Description: Carefree Laid Back Pleasant Traveling Light Less Guitar

Description: new age pop song about loving artistic music devoid of pop idiocy. A love of Progressive rock and an honor toward them. .