Description: piano based pop/rock music with significant and dramatic string accompnaient.

Description: Happy and optimistic inspirational track Tropical / Pop / style gives you energetic and powerful mood. Best for tv advertising, radio, films, movie , foto, business and travel videos, motivational presentations.

Description: Beautiful, inspiring and uplifting composition. Perfect for your media content!

Description: A fresh and clean background track perfect for inspirational, promotional videos, commercials, and much more. If you enjoyed this music track, please rate it (press 1 to 5 stars).

Description: This is a positive, uplifting and motivational pop rock track that’s perfect for your corporate / business media project. Whether it’s about challenges, growth, teamwork, courage or motivation, this piece will turn your project into a convincing and encouraging production. Thank you for listening.

Description: A fun, jazzy pop track that loops seamlessly.

Description: Sunny and mixed pop music, between acoustic Reggae, hip-hop groove, electronica keyboards and Afrobeat vibrations.

Description: Easy emotional track, in the genre of pop electronics. Melody synthesizers and guitars reminiscent of retro music but in a modern interpretation. Well suited for the background, the use of games, videos or presentations.