Description: Drama, Drama-Human Emotions, Pensive, Reflective, Introspective, in a Emotional, Reflective mood, featuring Bass, Drums, Guitar, with a Mid tempo

Description: 60 second pop music cue, synths, upbeat., uptempo, lady gaga sound a like

Description: Rock, Show Biz, Happy, Fun, Positive, Carefree, in a Confident, Positive mood, featuring Bass, Piano, Electric, Drums, Guitar, with a Mid tempo

Description: Purposeful driven pop alternative theme bed with driving guitar strum and riffing.

Description: Twee Rock 'n' roll'ish song without words.

Description: Rock, Muzak, Rock-Pop, Charming, Delicate, Tender, Reflective, Sentimental, in a Emotional, Heartwarming, Passive, Sensitive mood, featuring Drums, Piano, Acoustic, Guitar, with a Slow tempo

Description: Feel good track with a cool breezed tremolo guitar and ambient strings. Ideal for a young casual house-party atmosphere where all is going down well.

Description: Cowboy funk! An upbeat and groovy instrumental that combines a bluegrass guitar riff with pop bass, drums, and layers of distorted slide guitars.

Description: pop/rock guitar pattern (laid-back feel ala black crowes) with bass, drums & piano has 2 parts, drums resolve an ending. suggested for party scenes.