Description: Instrumental, soundtrack. Сlassical, symphonic orchestra. Timpani.

Description: Instrumental, soundtrack. Neoclassical, symphonic orchestra. Crazy.

Description: Instrumental, soundtrack. Good for instrumental performance, as semple.

Description: Epic and exciting underscore, similar to Dr Who theme, great sound alike. Strong, big, percussion drives the track, great for promo work, spots and will work well with gaming. Alternate edit available on the site

Description: New Type of song: orchestral This will be usefull as a charateristic theme for your project if it is a spot video or something else the cool and soft sound of a Classical Orchestral Music, a romantic and sentimental song. Are used: electric piano, bass, drums

Description: Orchestral; background, tv or movie theme. Serene, with build, tension, calm, with choir. Tension, drama, adventure, & action.

Description: Orchestral w/ choir, background, movie, tv theme, calming building into tension, adventure, drama, action, land, sea, sky & space.

Description: opening music for the title screen of action/rpg game.

Description: After battle, this is battle score result music.