Description: What it sounds like to fly through the sky. Exhilaration, freedom, wonder. The light airy feeling of adventure. The confidence to face the unknown, and the pure joy of a new experience.

Description: Bright, warm and emotional acoustic track featuring cellos, violins, string section, acoustic guitars, percussion and bass. Very heartfelt, thoughtful and natural.

Description: A very versatile orchestra arrangement that can be used to create Feelings of drama. Great piece for short but powerful video productions.

Description: A track with strings and drums which builds in strength and tone, somewhat reflective and sentimental.

Description: Romantic, neutral, fun, casual. I think, it must be soundtrack to your film, corporate video.

Description: Romantic, sad. I think, it must be soundtrack to your film.

Description: background mysterious feeling. Perfect for dungeon scene in video game.

Description: “Dreadful Ambition” is intense, evil, tension track with synth pad, vibes, catchy melody on woodwinds to represent the bad villain guy in video game. This track aim to be the theme of villain guy in video game.

Description: Background scores for the empire, big hit, reveling the truth scene.