Description: ragtime construction kit look for the others sc files.

Description: The perfect soundtrack for a Western rumble. A tense dialog between twangy Baritone guitar and drums and percussion create a sense of impending doom.

Description: Suitable as a theme or background music for an Old West, Western, Wild West or Frontier type film.

Description: Western country music with train ride atmosphere

Description: It's been written thinking about a cowboy who leaves a land.The job is done, it's time to go. World/Ethnic Cues, Western Cue, and Warm/Family Cue.

Description: Sit back and relax by the fire as your wagon train takes a break on your old west journey with this public domain melody written on the wagon trail. This piece brings the nostalgic feelings of the simple but rough life in the old west with a simple acoustic guitar with violin and harmonic taking the melody.

Description: Lights, Camera, Action, old west, scenic, panoramic, broad, picturesque

Description: An antique, nostalgic music piece with happy and peaceful country guitars.