Description: melodic flute with great synthesizers

Description: Modern sound designed, uplifting track with unusually an futuristic reverse sounds

Description: Original Flash Game Music by Toge Productions, for Planetary Conflict game. Nice combination of electronic sounds, ambient pads, and ethnical percussion instruments. So worth to hear!

Description: poppy sounding.

Description: 30 second clip of guitar, mandolin and upright bass with a twangy, harmonized guitar melody line.

Description: 30 second clip of fingerstyle acoustic guitar. great track track for television commercial.

Description: modern fading metallic washes suggests modern logo or background intro effect. Very useful for intro music or jingle.

Description: A cool dreamy intro with electronic youthful vocals & cinematic piano breaks into a driving dynamic symphony. Mechanical military drums with a rousing deep urban dance club bass. The motivational, powerful & aggressive strings are energetic & exciting. The triumphant victorious brass are empowering

Description: movie theme for guitar and orchestra - from the chimaera collection.

Description: A dreamy ambient style song with jazz influenced percussion and an interesting array of guitar chords.