Description: It sounds futuristic urban music with timbral overflows, with magnificent percussion and drums, with dark drone. All this creates a fantastic atmosphere ... Ideal for a fantastic film or horror movie ...

Description: Experimental Motion – abstract ambient music for your video project. This is light and calm music with long and wide sounds. Contains airy piano, calming electric guitars, atmospheric pads, rhythmic percussions and soft bass. It was produced with idea of simple chords and arrangement for non-distract background usage in various projects. Its soft music perfect for ambient video, documentary ambient slow motion soundtrack, emotional ambient montage, gentle ambient presentation, commercial ambient montage. Its peaceful ambient music for relaxing feel.

Description: Abstract Asian This is an abstract, asian folk soundtrack inspired by vimeo art videos with trance and exotic mood. Pictures of : beautiful Japanese geisha dancing on stage and posing for the camera. Apsara Dancer beautifully centered in front a temple. Large asian floating market. Pink sakura flowers. bamboo forest under blue sky Bamboo forest under blue sky. Tourists at the asian temple. Blue sky above the tops of coconut trees on a tropical beach. Instruments of Abstract Asian - asian folk bass - folk tribal drums - exotic synths - ambient smoky leads - trance percussions Pictures of abstract art video projects, relaxing procedures, Thai massage, Asian Senior Elderly couple Practice Taichi, Qi Gong exercise outdoor in the park. Master of tea wash tea set with boiling water in tea ceremony. Abstract Colorful Paint Ink Explode Diffusion Psychedelic Blast Movement. Fabulous Patterns. Psychedelic Colorful Motion Backgrounds. Good for Abstract Asian video projects.

Description: Elegant Logo for any of your projects.

Description: Crystal clear sound for your media products.

Description: Perfectly for movie intros and logos or other high-powered projects.

Description: Power Ident for your projects. Use it in the media products, videos intro/outro, tv or radio jingles, presentations, and various video projects. Plese feel free to EQ or change volume.

Description: Hi-Tech Logo with various fx sounds, suitable for composite animation.

Description: Hi-Tech Logo with various fx sounds, suitable for composite animation.

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